What is a Good Proofing Paper

Can you recommend a good paper to proof my work with? Its a question we do get quite often. Some of those that follow my blog might have heard me say in the past that not all papers are created equal. Throw in canvas with that even though canvas is not a paper. What this means is you can potentially have some differences in how prints look from paper to paper depending if you are using the same image file.


2015 Holiday Ordering Deadline

We have been hearing that the various delivery services have been running behind so don’t wait too much longer to order if you want it to arrive by Christmas.

Keep in mind we produce different products at different locations so items ordered from both our San Antonio and Atlanta color labs will ship separate. For our San Antonio fine art color lab you still have some time (see the chart below) . If you are ordering from our Atlanta lab, try to get your order in today or tomorrow (Wednesday) at the latest since we have had to move up the deadline dates as a precaution.

Please review the ordering and shipping deadline chart to figure out which method is best for you. As said in our previous email, we will make every attempt to ensure that your order ships and arrives before Christmas. This may include changing the shipping method to one that we believe will be more likely to get the package to you on time. But be aware that during the last days leading up to Christmas delivery services like FEDEX, UPS and the Post Office are more likely to get behind. So make sure you do not wait until the last moment to order.