PayPal Credit As A Layaway Option Gets You Paid Right Away


I was working in one of the largest contemporary art galleries in Austin, TX and one of the tools we had for moving art was a layaway plan. It was time consuming and had the risk of the customer flaking on us and put me as a collection agent to get old layaways paid off. This just didn’t make the experience great between the gallery and the customer.

The old layaway system meant we could not pay the artist until the month after the last payment was secured from the customer. It also meant we had to store the artwork until paid off and picked up.


We had a PayPal account for online sales and looked into PayPal Credit. On the seller’s end you paid the same credit card processing fee as you do with any other credit card transaction so it wasn’t an added expense.

The gallery is paid immediately on the purchase. Which allowed us to pay the artist the next month.

The perk to the customer is they have 6 months to pay it off without interest. You have now created a layaway plan that pays you immediately meaning no risks. Having an all purchases are final – no returns or exchanges on your receipt helps. Con, if the customer doesn’t finish paying it is a 19.99% interest fee for them.


Having a tablet set up to the PayPal Credit page or the link on your phone to text it to the customer and let him or her sign up on their phone.

Once they are approved, you email a PayPal invoice the customer choose the option to pay with their PayPal account link to their bank account or their new PayPal Credit. Make sure to stress to the customer to pay with PayPal Credit and not their regular account.

Should this happen PayPal customer service has helped. The customer must remain with you while you void and return the transaction and resend the invoice. That takes a little time so have someone at your booth with you that can assist with payments.

When you get the notice of the payment you release the art to the customer and the payment is now between him or her and PayPal.

The more knowledgable you sound about this payment option the easier it is for your customer to feel secure in opening this line of credit.

Being able to make payments on art is a great way to make art affordable to everyone and it is a great sales tool.

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