New Tube Based Shipping Option Added

If you prefer your prints to be shipped in a tube rather than flat, we have added some tube based shipping options in the shipping drop down at checkout to be available for some types of orders, primarily prints on our fine art papers. These will show up with the regular shipping options at checkout but say “tube” in the shipping method name.

We have had two things which have encouraged us to offer a tube based shipping options at checkout for prints on our fine art papers via the US Postal Service. You may know already that we prefer to ship fine art paper prints flat if they are not huge and can safely fit in an appropriate package. But while the clear majority will continue with this flat shipping, we also have some customers that simply feel it is safer to ship their prints in a tube.

The second reason is simply a way to help our customers save on shipping if they like. In many cases when people are ordering a single print, it is necessary to pay more for shipping since the flat dimensions after a certain size make the package too heavy or large for less expensive methods. By allowing people to select shipping via a tube they can take advantage of lower cost shipping options such as first class or even ship bigger prints via Express mail if they like.

Obviously, there are some restrictions such as not being able to ship cards or a framed canvas in a tube but if you see the option and you don’t mind some of the fine art paper prints wanting to have a slight tendency to curl right out of the tube, then feel free to take advantage of this option.

There will be some instances that you might be able to select a tube based shipping. If you can do so but the quantity is too high or some other circumstance we had not predicted, don’t worry, you will not have to upgrade to a flat shipping option. We will do it on our end at no additional charge.

Note that if drop shipping your orders, make sure you provide your customers some advice on how to flatten out their prints. Especially during the colder months of the year which makes the papers less pliable.

But before you choose this option, be aware that during the colder months, the paper the images are printed on is less pliable so takes longer to flatten out. To help combat this, once you receive your print place something heavy enough that will flatten it without damaging or scuffing the printed surface. Help it flat in a warm environment for a few days.

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