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To Frame or Not to Frame: Building Sensible Product Lines
February 20, 2018

If you’re ready to start offering prints for sale, you’re probably really excited about building a product list for your online store. Assuming you have already digitized your artwork and run a few test prints, it’s time to start making some decisions about products and variants.


Fixing Prints Which Curl
February 20, 2018

We recently re-introduced the option to have your prints shipped in a tube. Surprisingly to us a lot of people are opting for the tube shipping option over having their prints shipped rolled. This of course has led to some inquiries from our customers as to how to get their prints to flatten out, especially during colder months where the paper seems less pliable.


New Art & Photo Slates Are Here
February 16, 2018

We are excited to be rolling our a brand new product in the form of actual stone slates with fractured edges that can display your artwork, photography or even text. Two black plastic “feet” are included allowing it to remain upright on any table, desk or shelf. Each is unique due to their fractured edges and they can vary in size by up to 0.4″. These are processed and shipped from our San Antonio headquarters to any part of the country. Artists or photographers can use our automatic drop shipping service to have their slate shipped to their customer.


Ways to Digitally Capture Your Artwork
February 15, 2018

Digital Capture of Your Art

Alexis Fedor moderates a Facebook Group called, Artists In Business where she offers advice on business practices for artists.  Daily I, go to this community to read what issues artists are seeking that are outside the realm of business model questions. So when Mirinda Clapier asked for recommendations for a scanner to digitize her watercolor artwork, I wanted to ask here at FinerWorks.


Survey: Where Do You Mostly Sell Prints
February 14, 2018

Artists and fine art photographers are always asking us for tips to help them sell more of their prints. We find that most are selling their prints at either events, sometimes known as popups in their local art community but that could include such things as “First Fridays” which is an art and food even extravaganza that happens at various venues in our local market or it could be a non-art related overall but in which you were able to still get a table to showcase your work. The other choices are self explanatory.


$10 or $15 Voucher – Share Your Prints on Social Media
February 14, 2018

Share a photograph or video of a recent order from FinerWorks on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even YouTube and get a voucher for your next order from FinerWorks. Post a Photo – $10 Voucher. Post a Video – $15 Voucher. One gift card per person is allowed. Include hash tag #FinerWorks in your post so we see it. This voucher offer ends February 28, 2018 so make sure you post by then.


Artists, Prepare Yourself for the Social Media Blackout
February 6, 2018

Social Media Tip

Five tips for artists and photographers to prepare for Facebook’s new algorithm that is set to lose the last of your 1-2% of views of your posts. It’s time to get ahead of the social media change that many are calling the Facebook Apocalypse. As Facebook also owns Instagram this algorithm wall will keep your audience from seeing your posts here as well.


Annemarie Barrett Shares Her Style of Selling
January 31, 2018

Annemarie Barrett

Artist Annemarie Barrett of AEB Art shares some of her tips on selling prints made by FinerWorks on her Etsy shop.


Glazing: Not Only Glass in the Frame
February 20, 2018

Why custom framing smokes ready made frames. Working at a few custom frame shops, I have often heard the gasp statement of “the frame is more than the art”.  As an confessed art addict of works on canvas and various papers from $20-$2,000, I can tell you why I choose custom framing over say a chain store ready made frame.


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