New Texturized Prints

We now offer texturized prints which match the contours of your image when you ordering art or photos to be printed at FinerWorks. Currently it is available with Dibond Metal prints and later with canvas prints.

The technology to create raised print has been around for a while however it has never been easy to find in the fine art and photo printing market because of the equipment requirements.

Creating a textured print is a 3 phase process. For phase one, we create a texture map. This is done by creating a copy of the image to be printed, then converting it to grayscale (black and white). The lighter the gray in relation to black, the more raised the texture will be.

In the second phase, we send the grayscale and color image to the printer  via special software. At that time, the printer commences printing the texture layers by applying varying levels of white ink varying from 0.1 – 0.5mm in height.

Finally, in phase 3, once the texture printing phase phase is completed, the printer goes back and applies the color inks just like it would with an normal print.

The default of course is no texture, but there are 3 levels of “RAISED” texture available: light, medium and heavy. Depending on which is chosen, will determine how thick the texture layers are applied.

No Texture (Default)
No Texture Selected – Surface is smooth. This is the default format if not ordering any texture.
Light Textured Print
Light Texture Selected – Subtle texture that you can feel. Matches contours and elements in the image.
Medium Textured Print
Medium Texture Selected – Texture you can see. Ideal for prints of paintings where you want to achieve matching brushstrokes or high contrast photos texture that you can feel.
Heavy Texture Print
Heavy Texture Selected – Highly pronounced texture. Recommended for very impressionistic painting reproductions or where you need to match heavy brush strokes.

A light texture will be very subtle but can be felt and seen. A medium level texture stands out more and ideal for prints of paintings where you want to achieve matching brushstrokes. It’s also good for high contrast photos texture that you can feel. Heavy texture should be reserved for more impressionistic artwork or where you want the attraction of the texture to really stand out to those that see the print.

Ordering textured prints on DIBOND can be ordered through POST, when setting up your print online.

Metal Prints

Order HD Chromaluxe® Metal Prints

Print your artwork or photography as custom-size metal prints. Using the dye-sublimation process, your image is fused to the surface of rigid aluminum panels. These provide a modern look when decorating your home or office. Choose from multiple metal surface options. Order it framed, with a float wall mounting or even with a tabletop easel back.

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