What’s New in 2022

We are almost at the end of the first quarter of 2022 and at FinerWorks we have been quite busy. Here are some of the things which have happened or we are anticipating will happen in the next few weeks.

Expanded Canvas Production

First, we have expanded our facility to add an additional 3000 square feet so that we could expand the canvas printing department. This has been partially due to a surge in canvas printing over the past year which we have been affected by.

New Metal Frames

Second, we have added metal frames to our Gallery Economy line! These are made of aluminum and come in Frosted Gold, Frosted Silver, and Frosted Black. This has been the first time we have announced them but have already found ourselves needing to keep more in stock than we initially anticipated. You can see and get pricing for these at the following links:

Frosted Silver Aluminum FrameFrosted Silver Aluminum Frame
Frosted Gold Aluminum FrameFrosted Gold Aluminum Frame
Frosted Black Aluminum FrameFrosted Black Aluminum Frame


Gatorboard Prints & Floating Framed Acrylics

We added two other new items. Those are the Gatorboard prints as well as the Acrylic Float Prints. Both have been quite popular. More information on these can be found here:

Gatorboard® PrintsGatorboard® Prints
Floating Framed Acrylic Prints Floating Framed Acrylic Prints


USPS Rate Increases

Some of you may have inquired how the new rate increase with the US Postal service scheduled in April impact us. It is still too soon to tell but we are planning on shifting more packages to UPS where possible. Afterwards we will be evaluating if any adjustments can be made before needing to make any rate changes on our end.

Kodak Professional Papers Reprofiling

Early in April we will be reprofiling the Kodak Professional line of papers to seek out even better accuracy and consistency. You may see some subtle differences in print however in most cases these minor differences should show to be an improvement and allow for more visible detail in the prints.

Kodak Price Updates

The Kodak line has had one of the sharpest increases in the past couple years. This is especially true with their papers. We will be reevaluating the prices of Kodak Endura and Kodak Professional papers within the professional photo lab industry and making adjustments based on this. These price changes will begin late this month and early April.

Hahnemuehle Changes

One of the brands which has had the sharpest increase over the past couple years has been Hahnemuehle.  We had not been forced to take any action to these but, after a latest round of price changes from them, we in turn are having to make some adjustments. As a result, you may see a small price increase with prints on this brand.  We expect it to be about 10%. This is set to take effect on or shortly after April 5, 2022. If the price increase is too great, note that we will be helping people find some alternatives to the popular Hahnemuehle versions. For instance, the Moab Entrada Rag looks and feels identical the Hahnemuehle Photo Rag.

Another change with Hahnemuehle, is they have discontinued the Photo Gloss Baryta so we will be looking to find an alternative. Perhaps the good news is any alternative will likely be cheaper than the Hahnemuehle version. On a more positive note, we are exporing another paper to add to the Eco line which will be based on sugar cane. Stay tuned!

Canvas Prints

Order Giclee Printing on Canvas

Printed using some of the highest archival standards in the industry, your photos or artwork will last for decades to come.

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