Holiday Tips from FinerWorks

With the holidays fast upon us it is a good idea to consider some of the following tips when utilizing FinerWorks to print and fulfill your orders. This will not only improve things like production time but also make it less likely that problems will arise with an order getting to your customer on time.

Allow for Weather Delays

At this time of year, ice and snowy conditions are going to always be a factor in affecting delivery time. Areas hit hard by winter storms will likely see some sort of shipping delay regardless of if you are shipping USP, FedEx, or USPS. It is always a good idea to inform your customers of the potential for weather to affect shipping deadlines.

Flattening Out Paper Prints

This is something we frequently need to remind customers about fine art prints. All the papers are manufactured and sent to us in tightly wound rolls. Cold and frigid air, especially if it is dry does impact the paper making them less pliable and not as likely to flatten out easily. One thing you can do when possible is to opt for your prints to ship flat. This will help allow the paper to lose some of the roll memory and convert itself into a flat sheet versus one which will still want to curl up. Some papers, especially non-cotton-based ones may need to take longer to flatten. Placing them under a weighted flat object with some kraft paper on top and in a warm area can help with this. Some users have been known to even iron their prints however if you do this, do so carefully without steam and add some kraft paper on top.

Packaging Prints for Gift Wrapping

If you receive your prints and need to package them as gifts, you may find that finding a suitable box is not always easy. If the packaging the prints came in is not suitable, unassembled boxes (still in their flat state) or two large sheets of foam core are great ways to contain the prints so you can gift wrap them. Both can easily be found at your local office supply store. Also, consider utilizing our clear bags to store and protect the prints before sandwiching the prints between cardboard or foam core.

Print Some of this Year’s Photos on Fine Art Papers as Gifts

The fine art papers we offer are not just for artists producing reproductions of their artwork. Many photographers gravitate to them due to their incredible color gamut and accuracy which makes regular photo prints seem lackluster. Believe it or not, photos always make great gifts for loved ones, especially if you provide them in a frame. Consider scrolling through some of those photos you took throughout the past year and print them on one of our fine art papers. Some favorite choices for photos are the Hahnemuehle Photo Rag or Hahnemuehle Photo Rag Metallic but any of our fine art papers make fantastic photo prints that look incredible and make them special.

Canvas Prints

Order Giclee Printing on Canvas

Printed using some of the highest archival standards in the industry, your photos or artwork will last for decades to come.

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