You Can Now Join Geo Galleries

Artists and photographers who are FinerWorks customers can now connect their FinerWorks account to Geo Galleries.

To connect, login to your account at FinerWorks:

Look for the Geo Galleries “connect” button to connect your account. Enter the name of the gallery you want to use and the PayPal email address where you want to accept payment for sales. Once you have checked that you agree with the licensing terms, click the “join” button.

You can now use your FinerWorks account to login to Geo Galleries and manage your gallery. Or you can manage your gallery through FinerWorks.

We are still in the early stages of helping get artists transitioned over, so the current focus is to get artists signed up. In August Geo Galleries will start being  promoted to the public which means attracting buyers for your art.

If you have any questions, contact Geo Galleries at

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