Your Geo Galleries Prep Work

Geo Galleries is open to FinerWorks artists and photographers to opt-in. Geo Galleries is an excellent partnership because we strive to assist creatives to be successful. This is not a site to just dump image and hope stuff sells. It is going to require some work from you too.


Gather those high quality prints for your sizes. The minimum should be 1.8 mega pixels however your file’s should be larger since 1.8 may allow at most a small print. See FinerWorks blog on files and where your signatures is on your art:

Getting Images Prepared for Geo Galleries

Preparing Your Images for Printing


The galleries will open and I want you to think of your gallery name. One way people will search is by your personal name. So your name should be part of your gallery name.  I know in some cases there are many people with the same name. Trust me the Hispanic name Melissa Hernandez is the equivalent of Jane Smith. There are those who have bypassed their name and have come up with names like “(a clever adverb) Artworks” with no mention of their name. That is fine, if this is how you are dedicating your branding.  But for those Jane and John Smiths out there who do not want to rack your brain with titles, let’s start thinking.

You can go with your name and get it if you are the first one on the site.  Jane Smith

But if you get the “that name is taken” as I always do. Then try:

(basically your name and if you are and artist or photographer)

  • Art by Jane Smith
  • Jane Smith Art
  • Images by Jane Smith
  • Jane Smith Photography
  • Jane Smith Studio

(name your niche and your name)

  • Water Colors Prints of Jane Smith
  • Florals by Jane Smith
  • Landscape Photos by Jane Smith

Though we have a very typical name show the uniqueness attached to that name.


Let’s get you paid for your creativity. We are not “that friend” who wants you to give us your art for free. We want to be a true friend that wants you to get paid for the time it took you to develop your skill; the time it took for you to create an original piece; the time you have taken in marketing yourself; and the many hours in your days that you have dedicated to your craft.

So if you do not have one already set up a PayPal account. If you need help contact PayPal support because they will be the best at advising you on their site. FinerWorks nor Geo Galleries have PayPal support members here.

Everyone always has questions about taxes, just like for services of your art or photography, you may need to pay the services of a tax professional if you need advisement on that. Some have figured how they do the reporting for the sales of their prints for their locations. For the same reasons that you are scared to make the decision on your own, that is the reason most people who are not a tax professional, do not feel they can advise you best. Taxes should be tailored for you.


When I have worked in galleries, the art that has been easiest to sell, were the pieces where I best knew the artist (how long they had been working, any accolades, celebrity collectors) and  stories about their art that they had shared over the years or at shows.

Start working on your bio and if this is your first time creating one I found this article with some good items to include with samples.

For every image you are going to upload give some back story. Much like when you chat about it at a booth.

  • Why were you inspired to paint, photograph or design the image?
  • If it is a place where is it?

If it is a person what can you mention about them? (Are they a friend, a model that conveyed something)

  • How did you go about creating this?

If art, what was the original media

If a photo how was it shot (lens, f-stop, camera)

It does not have to be much. People buy from people they know, so help people get to know you. We want to curate your collectors. You will be getting your buyers information to develop list for your shows and sales.

It is a lot of work, but I hope you find it as exciting as I do.

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