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Featured Artists of Bayou City Art Festival

The 2018 Bayou City Art Festival gathered 300 artists from around the nation. It was a great experience to meet some of the artists that order prints from FinerWorks as well as get a chance to introduce our company to other artists and photographers for the first time.  Memorial Park was packed with eye candy and great creatives with so much to talk about.

Artist, Tra’ Slaughter – Houston, TX

Artist, Tra' Slaughter
Artist, Tra’ Slaughter

I first met Tra’ Slaughter about a year ago in Austin, TX at ART on 5th Gallery, the city’s largest contemporary art gallery.  Gallery Director, Todd Gresley had seen his work in Houston and wanted to have a show of Slaughter’s work.

The collection was great and included collaborations with his toddler daughter.  When I see Tra’s work it is like waking from a vivid dream. There are everyday scenes that he must internalize and injects back into the world draped in this dream like vail. You could sit with any of his works awhile and in your head put it together like a massive puzzle from which you leave with a multitude of interpretations.

That enchantment with his art really makes it appealing to many. While many would love to own the original works, prints make his art affordable to more and his work more identifiable to the masses. I have no doubt that prints will only make him more popular and sought after as his career continues.

“I literally just started using FinerWorks and the guy in customer service is working with me to get my colors matched. He has been a big help.”

Artist, Lauren Luna – Pearland, TX

Artist, Lauren Luna
Artist, Lauren Luna

Originally from Columbus, Ohio, this 2011 Houston implant artist, Lauren Luna, really captures the essence of the urban Houston life. But here city scenes are not just of her current home, but also includes New Orleans, the Mediterranean, and Puerto Rico.

Her body of work is created with oil paints on good size canvases. The combination of talent and size sets a mood.  

When I met Lauren at her tent, I had to thank her for the praise she had been giving FinerWorks and the recommendations to other artists to try our services.  She has been a great customer for over 3 years and we are honored to print for her.

Artist, Rodney Butler – Houston, TX

Artist, Rodney Butler
Artist, Rodney Butler

“No need to introduce FinerWorks to me, I use you guys all the time! Actually Lauren Luna, recommended FinerWorks to me. The way you guys match my colors is exact, nothing beats it!”

Rodney’s art is not limited to his acrylic on canvas paintings and while his paintings are growing in popularity and his gallery representation is growing he is most known for his “Green Metal Art” as he calls it. In addition he also lends his creativity to drawing, architectural design, digital art, photography and cooking.

The diversity in his creative realms is just as diverse in his subject matter that you find in his paintings. From his portraitures of pop icons, city views to interactions like “Poker Buddies”, Rodney is able to bring in the many aspects that must inspire his desires to pursue a wide range of art.

Working the festival

These working artists give their all to their artwork and then put in more work to be at these festivals.  Being an art addict, I attend these heavily and wish I hit the lotto prior to every event. As an attendee I may not be able to purchase right there and then because I have already spent a few hundred on prints to support artists but having those Instagram accounts on everything really helped me add to who to follow so I could reach out and see about a later purchase and possibly represent.  Cultivate collectors.

Another tip, have a list of events where you will be showing. I took pictures of signage to not only follow accounts but make note of other events to catch particular artists so I could save up and buy some pieces in which I was interested. Cultivate collectors.

I noticed there were a few signs up to discourage photography of art. In this day and age I say let as many people photograph with phones and ask that they at least tag you for allowing the photo. This is free advertising. Even if these festivals do not yield many sales take advantage of the social media free advertising.  It puts your accounts as highly engaging. You can maybe put a sign that reads “no photography with professional cameras”. There are a few photographers that had prints of mural work by artists with no credit to the artist and I am assuming no financial supplement to their work. That is a raised eyebrow for me too but balance this apprehension towards photos.  Get the views of your art out there. Cultivate collectors.

Hope to see some of you in San Antonio, TX during the King William Fair, Saturday, April 28th. If you have a booth please let me know I would love to swing by and get to know you and your work better.


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