Photo Gloss Baryta Wins TIPA Award

Most photographers will tell you their choice of paper, based on everything from the surface, weight and other physical properties play a crucial role in the choice for papers. Photo Gloss Baryta is one of these papers that we find high end photographers love. Photographers are not the only fans. TIPA, the Technical Image Press Association just awarded this paper as one of the best.

TIPA Award 2018

Founded in 1991, TIPA, consists of a 30-member panel who are publishers in the photo and imaging field. These cover topics ranging from consumer, professional, B2B and of course fine art and photography.

What TIPA Said

There’s no question that the choice of paper surface and weight for digital printing is a critical factor in making images look their best. Photo Gloss Baryta 320 is a bright white, 100% alpha cellulose true baryta paper with a smooth, high-gloss surface that displays a high density range, excellent detail reproduction, and large colour gamut. The paper composition and coating guarantee archival keeping characteristics, while the 320gsm weight, which can pass through every quality printer without platen adjustment, make it a durable paper for handling and mounting. The baryta (barium sulphate) coating imparts the look and feel of traditional fine art photographic papers.

You can view the actual quote on the TIPA website here.

It’s Not Just for Photography

Artists doing fine art reproductions have also gravitated to this paper when seeking a high quality glossy paper to give their images a certain pop not usually associated with a fine art paper.

Features of this Paper

Photo Gloss Baryta 320, originally known as Gloss Baryta 320 from the HARMAN by Hahnemühle range, is a bright white paper made from 100% α-Cellulose is a true baryta paper with a particularly smooth and high-gloss surface. The improved coating formulation guarantees a homogeneous surface and top printing quality with high density and a large color gamut.

  • 320 g/m², 100% a-cellulose
  • Bright white
  • High-gloss, smooth surface
  • Large color gamut and detailed sharpness

It has a very glossy surface, that imparts remarkable depth to inkjet prints.
The base is robust and feels of great quality, meeting all industry archival standards. One of the most remarkable aspects is how open the shadows are. Shadows are very well separated and reminiscent of silver gelatin paper.
The tonality is wonderful, with an excellent smooth gray-scale.

Printed on the Canon Pro-4000

Currently we at FinerWorks print on this paper with one of the best printer available in the industry. Outputted on the Canon Pro-4000, Canon’s latest in the line of advanced professional printing devices, we are able to deliver stunning prints on the Photo Gloss Baryta in custom sizes up to 40×60. Unlike it’s predecessors or competitors which this paper is also designed for, Photo Gloss Baryta is also given a gloss optimizer coating during the printing process which eliminates gloss differential.

FinerWorks is Certified by Hahnemühle

As a fine art and photo printing service attracting thousands of new artists and photographers with our services every year it is important to get it right when it comes to getting the best print possible. For that reason, FinerWorks engaged in the rigorous process to become certified by Hahnemühle. As a result, we were able to become the first Hahnemühle certified company based in Texas. This means we were able to demonstrate in person to their representative and acute understanding of color management required to get the best and most accurate prints possible.

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