Selling Custom Frames & Mats on Etsy or Shopify

Join the growing number of users submitting their orders through our Shopify app and Etsy app who are selling custom made frames as standalone products. If you are selling prints, especially ones with odd sizes, you might be missing up a golden opportunity to sell your buyers a frame later on.

Many times buyers will purchase a print of your work and once they receive it, realize they do not have a frame to put it in. This is especially difficult for the buyer if you are selling sizes that do not conform to a standard off the shelf picture frame size. But now you can make them a buyer again by offering them a selection of picture frames.

How to Include Frames and Mats as Standalone Products

A growing number of users are now offering custom picture frames and mats fulfilled through FinerWorks Wholesale Frames. These frames are produced on demand at our headquarters and shipped to their customers under their brand, just like with our print on demand drop shipping.

If you want to start offering custom picture frames on Etsy or Shopify, all you will need is the frame’s product code. Use that as the sku within your Shopify or Etsy product setup. You can use the frame ordering wizard to get this. The code will appear under the frame preview on the final step.

If you have further questions, please email us. The process of integrating your Shopify or Etsy store is not difficult and we will be happy to assist in any way we can.

Metal Prints

Order HD Chromaluxe® Metal Prints

Print your artwork or photography as custom-size metal prints. Using the dye-sublimation process, your image is fused to the surface of rigid aluminum panels. These provide a modern look when decorating your home or office. Choose from multiple metal surface options. Order it framed, with a float wall mounting or even with a tabletop easel back.

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