Adding Custom Frames to Your Virtual Inventory

For quite some time you have had the ability to include framed and matted prints in your virtual inventory which are saved products in your FinerWorks account. But what about just frames or frames with matting by themselves?

This has been a project sitting on the back burner for some time, but we finally launched a new feature for your virtual inventory which ties in with our framing department. With more people coming to FinerWorks, not just for printing but also for custom made framed produced in our framing center, we knew it had to be done.

Also, in the recent weeks we had quite a few of our users remind us that we needed to get this feature wrapped up which we finally did. Some of them wanted to offer custom made frames in their Etsy shop or website. Others simply needed a quick way to re-order picture frames they commonly use.

To create a frame only product, you will need to go to our framing section and select the moulding type you want. You have the option to include matting or glazing (acrylic glass) as well if the frame style allows for it. We always recommend choosing glazing when you can, especially if you create frames in your virtual inventory that are of sizes not commonly seen.

After you create the frame, rather than add the frame package to your shopping cart, you will instead add it to your virtual inventory. It will then be there for you to order whenever you need it.

If you are using something like our Shopify, Etsy or Squarespace, you can always include these frames in your shop. When you create your product in Shopify, Etsy or Squarespace, there will be a “sku” field where you can enter the frame’s product code or virtual inventory sku. This makes it easier to include the frame product when you import your orders via one of the apps, it will automatically populate with that particular item.

For those artists and photographers wondering if they can offer these frames in their GeoGalleries collections, unfortunately not by themselves. Instead, artists at GeoGalleries should offer framed print options synced to their virtual inventory using the frames you setup the print with.

If you have any questions about the frames we offer and are looking for some insight into our framing center, checkout a recent webinar we did and posted on YouTube relating to framing tips in relationship to FinerWorks and your prints.

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