Giclee Print Preparation with Photoshop

From our last Zoom and Facebook live session, FinerWorks goes over preparing your image files to print with FinerWorks in PhotoShop. Below are the time stamp and topics:

  • (09:00) JPEG vs.TIFF vs. Others
  • (13:27) Finding Your Image Resolution Viewer Gordon reminded all pixel resolution divided by dpi
  • (150-300) will give you the inch size your image will optimally print (smaller fine)
  • (30:44) Using the ruler tool for reference (seeing your image at scale)
  • (40:24) Modifying the image size covered at (13:27)
  • (40:50) Flattening layers or save to JPEG
  • (42:45) Saving a print copy
  • (47:31) Selecting the preferred color space CMYK vs RGB (Submit your files RGB color mode)
  • (59:17) Calibration print from FinerWorks and starter kit (sample)
  • (01:05:15) Cropping or fitting images to your print size (aspect ratio)
  • (01:17:50) Adding custom margin space (borders)
  • (01:26:07) Checking if image is too dark or too light with histogram
  • (01:32:40) Safe zones and bleed


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