Benefits of Card Printing for Artists & Photographers

Folded cards and flat cards make are incredibly sell-able at art shows without cheapening your existing inventory. Are you taking advantage of the benefits of producing your art on cards might be able to offer you? Since 2016, we have seen the numbers rapidly grow as more and more artists take advantage of ordering them from FinerWorks.

Recently I attended a small popup art show and brought my 7-year-old little girl with me. I was not there to really purchase anything but merely to look, meet some of the artists that use FinerWorks, and not to mention some of our staff who was there since we were one of the art shows sponsors.

As we browsed around, my daughter saw some artwork she really liked. I did buy a giclee print for her but in addition, I bought some cards which she could give out to her friends or even collect. Honestly I am not sure what she planned on doing with them as a 7 year old but she was delighted with them.

It made me realize that cards, in addition to being able to serve a wide range of purposes from promotion to showing off one’s work, they make the perfect impulse buy. When prices around $5-$6, buyers won’t flinch at the price and it gives them an opportunity to purchase when ordering a $30 8×10 print might not be possible for them.

A few things to be aware of with cards:

Don’t present them as prints. While you can print cards up to 8×10 with FinerWorks, they are not giclee prints. This means they will eventually fade. Nor expect the print quality to be as rich. The technology is very different with a fine art print versus what is used for a card.

Consider uploading and adding your logo to the back. Include pertinent information such as a website or contact info.

Leave the inside blank if doing a folded card. The buyers will likely want to fill it out themselves if they plan on giving it away as a gift.

Cards are the perfect low-cost gift item. Try them out at your next art show. Even offer them for sale online. Over the past few years we have had an explosion of growth with every passing year. Obviously artists and photographers are finding an incredible advantage to offering them.

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