HD Face Mounted Acrylic Prints vs Others

Ever since I set foot by accident inside the Lik Gallery some years back in Las Vegas I have been mesmerized by acrylic prints. His gallery at the time was primarily displaying his work in this fashion which allowed his landscape photography to take your breath away. Since then I have been on a mission to make these prints a possibility for our artists and photographers.

For those unfamiliar, face-mounted acrylic prints are a type of high-end art print that is created by mounting a photographic print between a sheet of acrylic and a backing material. The print is first produced on specialized photographic paper using a high-resolution printer, which results in a high-quality image with vibrant colors and rich detail.

Once the print is produced, it is then mounted between the acrylic sheet and backing material, such as aluminum, Dibond, or plywood.  In our case, at FinerWorks, we offer the print with either Dibond or a paper backing. The acrylic glass itself serves to protect the print from damage and provides a glossy (or nonglare if preferred), high-end finish that enhances the colors and details of the image.

The acrylic sheet is typically 1/4th inch thick and is optically clear, which means that it doesn’t distort or alter the image in any way. The backing material provides additional support and durability to the print, making it a long-lasting and beautiful piece of art.

Overall, face-mounted acrylic prints are a popular choice for high-end art collectors and photographers who want to showcase their work in a visually stunning and durable format.

Print on photo paper is mounted behind the acrylic glass. A backer is applied along with hanging hardware to offset the print slightly from the wall.
Dibond can be used as the backer. It not only improved rigidity but better preserves the print.

Don’t Get Them Confused with Other Types of Acrylic Prints

Many color labs offer alternative options which may be a little cheaper. Take for instance our acrylic floats in which the image is acrylic printed directly onto the acrylic with large flatbed printers. These can look great as well but will appear grainier and not as sharp or crisp, since the technology used, is more commercial grade versus fine art grade. Having talked to both the heads of some of these color labs as well as prominent photographers in the past year they tell me they are finding the face-mounted acrylic prints are not always easy due to the cheaper direct-to-print versions which may or may not be acceptable in terms of what professionals are looking for.

Floating framed acrylics are different in the fact the image is printed directly onto the acrylic glass. They also look incredible but the print quality if substantially different. These will not have the sharpness nor crispness of a face-mounted acrylic due to commercial-grade printing versus photo-grade printing.

Interestingly face-mounted acrylic prints are not just being favored in photography circles but artists are finding them to be an incredible way to display their artwork. From digital artists to traditional painters looking for a new way to create reproductions, acrylic prints are a big hit with artists now too.

We are excited to announce our brand new line of acrylic prints called face-mounted acrylics which are now the industry standard in photography circles and quickly becoming popular with artists.

Offered on either our satin luster, better known as the award-winning Moab Exhibition Luster, or our metallic paper, better known as Moab Slickrock Pearl, images printed on these papers already want to just “pop”.

Once they are face-mounted to your choice of either a highly polished acrylic panel or our new reflection control, no glare acrylic, your artwork or photography will enter a whole new dimension.

Next, we have either a paper backing or Dibond (metallic) backing placed on the back of your acrylic print for additional protection.

Hanging hardware is mounted to the back in the form of a French-cleat making it relatively easy to hang and very secure.

Your acrylic will be ready to hang using the trademarked French Cleat hanging option which allows your print to hang slightly offset from the wall.

Canvas Prints

Order Giclee Printing on Canvas

Printed using some of the highest archival standards in the industry, your photos or artwork will last for decades to come.

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