New Face Mounted Acrylic Prints and Options

New Face Mounted Acrylic Prints and Options

Ever since I set foot by accident inside the Lik Gallery in Las Vegas I have been mesmerized by acrylic prints. His gallery at the time was primarily displaying his work in this fashion which allowed his landscape photography take your breath away. Since then I have been on a mission to make these prints a possibility for our artists and photographers.

This was not the first time I had come across acrylic prints. I was already familiar with them however I had not been as impressed with them as I was now. Many color labs that offer acrylic prints print directly onto the acrylic with large flatbed printers that leave a lot to be desired and are not suitable for gallery display. Having talked to both the heads of some of these color labs as well as prominent photographers over the past year they tell me they are finding the face mounted acrylic prints are regaining popularity due to the lackluster cheaper direct to print versions not meeting the standards professionals are looking for.

Interestingly acrylic prints are not just making a comeback in photography circles but artists are finding them to be an incredibly way to display their artwork. From digital artists to traditional painters looking for a new way to create reproductions, acrylic prints are a big hit with artists now too.

We are excited to announce our brand new line of acrylic prints called face mounted acrylics which are now the industry standard in photography circles and quickly becoming popular with artists.

We have been testing the new face mounted acrylics for several months and have even offered a limited number of sizes through one of our manufacturing centers. After several months of feedback and lots of work on our part we now can offer these high-quality prints to our customers in a wide range of sizes and options.

Offered on either our satin luster, better known as the award-winning Moab Exhibition Luster, or our metallic paper, better known as Moab Slickrock Pearl, images printed on these papers already want to just “pop”.

Once they are face mounted to your choice of either a highly polished acrylic panel or our new reflection control, no glare acrylic, your artwork or photography will enter a whole new dimension.

Next we have either a paper backing or dibond (metallic) backing placed on the back of your acrylic print for additional protection.

Your acrylic will be ready to hang using the trademarked French Cleat hanging option which allows your print to hang slightly offset from the wall.

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