Kodak Prints Now Shipping from Our Headquarters in San Antonio, TX

Over the summer our Kodak prints have garnered more and more attention by users at FinerWorks. This has led us to make some big changes from a new bulk ordering system as well as moving the production location. The bulk ordering tool for Kodak prints was implemented last month in July 2018 and this final week in August we made the strategic move to bring the Kodak print production home to San Antonio.  Now all Kodak prints are shipped from our main production facility. These changes came about as a result of several things.

The most influential thing was the increase in popularity of the Kodak prints. For a few years we had been offering the Fuji Crystal Archive line off papers for the photo prints however many photographers told us they felt that it was an inferior paper for c-prints. While I know that this is a topic of debate among many professional photographers, there does seem to be a greater tendency for photographers to favor the Kodak Endura line. Both have their glossy surfaces, both a lustre and both a metallic or pearl (Fuji version). Based on the more favored Kodak paper we made the choice to partner with a small company our of Baltimore, MD to handle the production. This move initially led to a sudden surge in orders on the Kodak papers however our partnership had some challenges we could not readily fix by not shipping these out ourselves from our headquarters. Some customers even complained they lost confidence in the ability to get those orders out as quickly as they needed. Knowing all this we new that some adjustments needed to be made since our customers needs have to come first.

So, this week we completed the transition of moving the production of all Kodak prints to San Antonio so that we those orders our quicker, improve the transit time to most parts of the U.S. as well as take some extra care on the packaging so that the prints arrive in pristine condition.

And don’t forget, with our new batch ordering tool, ordering multiple Kodak prints is quick and easy. To access this, just go to our Kodak prints page, start your order. Once you select your first image to setup as a print, you will be prompted to use the batch ordering tool if you like.

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