DIY Mounting of Prints on Gatorboard

Robert Rodriguez Jr. provides some excellent tips on DIY mounting on Gatorboard for the purpose of displaying your prints with a nice clean look.

Even though we offer the option to order your prints mounted on Gatorboard there may be times when you want to later mount prints you have already have.

In this video he uses a Canson Infinity Fibre Rage 310G which is an archival fine art photo paper excellent choice for both fine art and photography. He also uses a Gatorboard pre-treated with a peel and stick adhesive.  Gatorboard is not considered an archival surface by galleries and museums however for general display purposes it is an excellent choice. You will also want to be very careful when applying pressure to the face of the print so as to not scuff or scratch the print.

Robert also includes some instruction on how to create your own float mount for easy hanging on the wall.

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