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Like many things dealing with art, there are no absolutes or right or wrong answer. The closest to giving an absolute answer would be “whatever your buyer is willing to spend”. Read more


If you are unable to find the gallery options while logged in, it is likely that your account was originally set up as a basic account. Simply contact us and we will happily upgrade your account to a gallery account for you.


When someone buys your print, you will be contacted by PayPal, who will provide all details of your transaction including the print they purchased, and the customer’s contact and shipping information. More

FinerWorks is not involved in your sales, and has no knowledge of transactions that occur within personal galleries or generating from “Buy Now” buttons. Read more

This will be done using your gallery’s URL. Once logged in, using the dropdown options under “My Account” and select “My Profile Page” to be directed to your gallery. Look to the top of the webpage, to the URL window. This is the same URL you will use to direct customers to your gallery.

Virtual Inventory gives you the ability to store “virtual” prints. Create and store as many prints as you wish, and when you are ready for us to print one, its only a matter of checking out.  Read more… 

We only display low web viewable versions of the images in the Select Gallery. There are mechanisms in place to protect images from being copied but even today any 12 year old with basic grade school computer skills can bypass these. If you are too worried that people will copy your web viewable images, we recommend not participating in the gallery experience.

While we are a big fan of watermarks in the gallery, most artists and photographers appear to not want watermarks displayed. Potential buyers have also shown a tendency to shy away from images with watermarks. Based on that we no longer place watermarks on images omn display.  

Yes. At this time, the Select Gallery is absolutely free to submit images to.



Aside from having artistic value the image must be properly titiled, submitted to the appropriate category, of suitable print quality and have a well written description.


We do not offer an option for artists to allow their images to be downloaded from any galleries at this time.

For every image stored within a gallery, an active status must be checked before it is considered live. Likewise, you may easily remove an image by changing its listing from active to inactive.

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