Shadow and Highlights with Photoshop

Around October and November, many artists and photographers like to focus on a fall or even Halloween them.  This usually means lots of burnt oranges, and different shades of browns.
One of the important things about fall colors is to be able to get a good transition from all those darker or more muted colors.
I have found fall colors are always harder to print if they are not too bright since many times there are very subtle differences in the hues which most computer screens can show but sometimes even the best inkjet printer off the shelf may have trouble with. I know from my own experience that when ever I have tried to adjust the color of a trees leaves and bring out better contrast, many times the tree trunk goes to a solid black if I am not careful
The secret of course is a balance with good contrast within your image. Traditionally for the average Photoshop users this has been does with the “Brightness/Contrast” tool. While it is still a good tool if you are a newer or even older Photoshop users there is also a tool that is not discussed much called the “Shadow/Highlight” tool. Think about testing that tool out since it can really help with those darker colors without blowing out the brighter colors. Both of these are located in the menu under Image > Adjustments.
Enjoy the Fall months and make sure you post your best in the Members Gallery here at FinerWorks.
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