Why Print on Canvas

If you are looking to try the latest angle in digital printing of your photos, then consider printing on canvas. Once photographers had prints strictly made with traditional photo papers whether developed in a lab or printed digitally but over the past few years there has been a remarkable trend to start offering prints on canvas.
Today if you are looking for a wedding photographers or portrait studio, chances are a large percentage of them many have started to offer their prints on canvas. This is because more people are now demanding it.
Canvas printing is not exactly new, however it is only recently becoming more mainstream for photographers. Originally in the mid 80s IRIS, a plotter manufacturer broke new ground in digital printing by offering the ability to print on canvas utilizing digital image technology. Many artists gravitated to this process because it allowed them to have reproductions made without having to invest into the high volumes they had to order before. The quality was very good for its time and the term Giclee was soon coined to refer to a digital inkjet print produced on these specialized printers.
Over the years a number of other companies such as Oce, Mimaki, Encad, just to name a few, perfected their own digital printing systems. Most of these printers were being or already developed to print on banner materials or textiles so to be used for canvas prints was not a huge leap.
As the years followed, IRIS began to lose their exclusivity or remained mainly popular with artists. Even still a number of other companies continued to develop and improve large format printing technology in relationship to photography. Today many photographers would agree that it was truly perfected to its most highest standards of today by companies such as HP and EPSON.
Now, digital printing had become mainstream for many photographers and operates hand-in-hand with digital photography. Because of these elements falling into place it was not long before consumers began to want canvas prints made of their own photos.
Some might ask, why print on canvas. The reason is simple. Just the thought of canvas used as the media of choice gives a photograph a more artistic and elegant appearance. When hung on a wall, people view it as being a higher quality print or more substantial than a traditional photo print on paper might imply. In photography, image is everything so when you consider this frame of mind, it only makes sense to print your best photos on canvas.
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