Custom Home Décor Prints

Most of the time when we think of home art décor we will think of prints or paintings by known artists or pictures purchased at a gallery that matches a theme and style that you want in order to portray the look you are trying to achieve. Why not instead decorate with something much more customized and unique?
Develop a concept in your mind and see if you can find someone to create that perfect picture for you.
There are many wonderful artists out there that are eager to show their talents. If you know where to look you might be able to find some wonderful talented artists that will paint, draw or digitally create the type of artwork you are looking for at a very low cost. I know because at one time I was one of them. I like many artists was simply looking for the exposure and experience. This made getting low commission projects very easy for me and I found in some cases I was actually bidding for projects that was costing the client almost nothing.
Some of these artists may only be teenagers or others might do it more for the sheer pleasure, but if you really look carefully you will probably find some that will be willing to do it for almost nothing at all.
Of course you do not want to take advantage of young talent and you do want to pay them a fair commission for their services, but if you find the right artist you may find they were a worthwhile investment.

Order HD Face Mounted Acrylic Prints

Printed on high quality photo paper and face mounted to 1/4″ acrylic with polished edges. Choose between satin luster or metallic photo paper. Included is easy to install hanging hardware in the form of a French cleat.

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