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Over the past few months we have seen a big increase in the number of orders placed by artists using the drop shipping option. During that time we have been listening to suggestions on how we can improve this service for those who have their own art or photo business. If you are not familiar with the order fulfillment service, it is a free feature we offer in which you can have your prints shipped to someone and have it look like it was shipped by you rather than us. No prices are used and your name and address shows up as the sender on the shipping label and packing slip. Up until now this would be the name and address used during checkout under your order's billing section. This would include your name, company name, address and phone number. For the majority of our customers this has worked out fine but we realize this might not be ideal for everyone, especially when artist having their prints drop shipped have a different billing address than their business address. They may also not want their name displayed, especially in a situation where they might be acting as an authorized agent for that artist or photographer.

To remedy this, we have made some modifications so we can use the business address you registered within your account. If you haven't done so, simply login and click the link titled "My Business". There you can provide your company name, department or contact person, address and phone, all of which will appear on your drop shipped orders' packing slips and shipping labels. Note we will only use this business information in place of your billing information if you have supplied it otherwise but we will use your billing information as before. That's all there is to it so make sure you register your business information before you place your next drop shipped order.

On a related note, if you are not based in the U.S. and want us to drop ship your orders, we especially encourage you to register your business as described above. In addition we ask you to a valid U.S, address. There are two reasons for not using an International address as the sender for order: 1.The shipping services sometimes get very confused when orders being shipped from our facilities in Texas and Atlanta display a return address which is outside of the Unites States. By having a U.S. return address on the shipping label we don't have to worry about unnecessary delays or confusions with customs or the shipping service. 2. If for some reason there are problems with the recipient's address. the order can come back to us and we can arrange to reship it. Again, this is only if you are not based in the U.S. that we ask you make your business a U.S. based address for the purpose of drop shipping.

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