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I always believe it making things easy if you can as long as you can still get the desired results just as if you did things the hard way. Well, making things easier for some of our customers who order frequently has also been an important aspect of FinerWorks. As an order fulfillment service for so many artists and photographers having a quick and smooth process is crucial. If you are one of those artists and photographers I know this is important. As the old saying goes,“time is money”.

Upload Your Logo

First, if you use FinerWorks as an order fulfillment service but have not uploaded a logo to your account, make sure you do. You can upload this in your account under “Edit Business Info”. Not only will this make sure your logo is printed on any packing slips but this will automatically tell our system you want your orders drop shipped.

Enter Quick Checkout Information

Second, make sure you add your Quick Checkout information. When you login to your account you will see a Menu Link called “My Quick Checkout”. This will present you with a form in which you can store a default billing and shipping address. Obviously you may not want to store the shipping information if most of your orders are drop shipped to other people but you can speed things up a little here by not having to always re-enter your billing address.

Use the Reorder Option in Your Order History

Finally, we have added a new feature within your order history. For any prints you have ordered in the past you can quickly re-order an exact copy as long as we still have the original uploaded file. Actually you do not even have to be registered to do this. As long as you have your Order ID and you can pull up your order status page, you can use this feature. We usually keep items you have ordered for a few months in our system and are working on some ideas to permanently store them as well, but for now if we still have the uploaded file you can easily re-order it. I suspect we will perfect this more over time, especially considering there are many people that might order frequently but they might not necessarily order the same print frequently.

I hope these added features will make your experience with ordering at FinerWorks more streamlined. If not or if you run into problems, let us know. You can always be assured our goal is to make ordering your prints as quick and simple as possible.

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