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Import your Shopify orders to FinerWorks for quick and easy fulfillment. Orders are automatically drop shipped to your customer just as if you placed a regular drop-ship order.

The app saves time. Rather than using the standard online ordering which only allows you to submit one order at a time,  with the Shopify app, you can submit multiple orders at once.  Each order is marked as drop shipped so it looks like you sent it rather than us.

Initial Setup

Note, if your Shopify listings have an SKU field. You should use your virtual inventory’s SKU in that field to match up your Shopify products with your virtual inventory.

Connecting Your Shop

Step 1.  Get Your Shop’s Name

To begin, you will need to get the official store name used to identify your store. Login to your Shopify store and note the link in your web browser’s address. Example, if your link is “” then your store’s name is “testgallery-3”.

Get your store name from the address bar when you login to your Shopify’s admin section.

Step 2. Connect

Next, you will need to login to your FinerWorks account and go to our Shopify app page in your account menu.

Enter your store’s name in the required field. Click “Connect Your Store”. This will prompt your to link your store to FinerWorks. Click the “Install unlisted app”. Unlisted simply means we have chosen not to post it to the Shopify App store at this time.

Enter your Shopify’s store name here and connect your store.

Congratulations! Your store is now connected to FinerWorks.

Submitting Shopify Orders

IMPORTANT: You will need to use a web browser to submit the orders and not the “Shopify” mobile app.

When you are ready to start transmitting your orders you can do so through the Shopify app page in your FinerWorks account menu or you can simply go to your Shopify orders list in your Shopify admin.

Click the submit orders button to begin the process.

This will take you to where you can import your Shopify orders.  Check/select the orders you want to submit for processing. Under the “Actions” drop down, select “Send to FinerWorks”.

Select the orders you want to submit to FinerWorks for order fulfillment.

Next click the “Start Import” button to load all the orders you had checked. This will allow you to choose shipping options as well as submit payment.

Start the import process to load the orders you want to submit.

You should now see a list of orders you imported.  It is important to note that you on occasion may see error notices if information is invalid, product sku or product variant sku in your listing does not match what we have in your virtual inventory. To streamline the process it is best to have a corresponding product in your FinerWorks virtual inventory.

Below is an example of what it would look like after you import your order.

A) You can click the checkbox to indicate if the imported order is to be included or not included. Orders missing information or which have invalid info will automatically be unchecked until corrected.

B) To the right of your product, you can even add another product by entering a product code or sku from your virtual inventory. If using a product code, then you will also need to provide us your image file.

C) You can provide/upload an image file if you are using a product code and not using a product for your virtual inventory.

D) Review your selected shipping. We will try to match the shipping methods you submit however you will want to review your shipping methods in case you need to make some changes.

E) Click “Submit Payment” when you are ready to submit the checked orders and payment.

The example shows how you can adjust your orders before submitting.

You are now ready to complete your submission. We recommend using the “Credit / Debit Card” option in order to expedite the orders so that we can process them right away. Currently there is not a PayPal option for submitting payment. Until then contact us on how you can still use PayPal if that is your preferred payment method.

Automatic Shipping Notifications

This app has the ability to notify your store when an order has been shipped. In doing so, it will provide a tracking number. Your store will then notify your customer of the shipment by email so you do not have to. Most of this is configured automatically of set by default however you can confirm this by doing the following

  1. Check that “FinerWorks” is listed as a location. To confirm this, check your locations under Settings > Locations. If you do not see “FinerWorks” (all one word) listed then make sure to add it as a location.
  2. This should already be set correctly by default however you can confirm this by going to Settings >  Checkout and accounts. Scroll down to Order processing  and make sure “Don’t fulfill any of the order’s line items automatically” is selected.
  3. Any products or variants must be “assigned” to “FinerWorks” as the fulfillment location. If syncing your products with virtual inventory (see below) this will be done automatically when a product variant is created.

Syncing Products with FinerWorks

FinerWorks allows you to create a virtual inventory of products from the images you upload and automatically list them in Shopify.

  1. Go to Inventory Files.
  2. Upload an image file if you have not yet done so.
  3. Click the Products Link associated with the image you uploaded.
  4.  Create a variant / inventory item  or select from any existing ones and click the Shopify Sync button.
  5. You can then Add this Product and the options you created to Shopify.

Assigning Existing Products to FinerWorks for Fulfillment

Once an order ships, FinerWorks can the update your Shopify orders to a “fulfilled” status. Shopify will automatically the email your customer the order has shipped and post the tracking number. The following steps are required set this up in your Shopify store.

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Products and open the product.
  2. In the Inventory section select “FinerWorks”
  3. Click Save.


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