A giclée print is a way to classify a professionally produced print using inkjet technology; primarily printed on canvas or a fine art paper with archival grade inks. While the process is only several decades old, it has quickly become the method of choice for both artists and photographers. Read more

Sometimes when you upload a very high resolution file, it’s possible the preview will come out blurry. This happens because we are using a smaller embedded thumbnail data within your image file rather than generating a preview from your high resolution file. It’s done as a fallback method if it appears generating the preview from the high resolution file will take too long.

Fortunately your high resolution file will remain intact since we need that to produce your print.

Resolution is a relative number dependent upon the size of the print you choose. The more your image is enlarged, the lower your resolution will be.

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Adding a border to your print will increase the overall sheet size. It will not cause the print area to be smaller.

We recommend trying to keep your resolution between 200-300 for your selected print size for optimal results. Read more

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The printers of choice at this time are Epson with the Ultra Chrome ink set and Canon with their LUCIA EX pigment ink set. Over the years, our parent company FinerWorks Media has worked with various printer manufacturers and have found these two brands to be the ideal choice for printing artwork or photography.
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Yes. We run regular re-calibration cycles on our monitors and run regular cleaning and calibration cycles on our printers. This is to ensure consistent results with every print job. All machines are calibrated based on standards set by the International Color Consortium (www.color.org).

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An ICC (International Color Consortium) Profile is standardized file format created by special computer software. An ICC (also can be ICM) profile creates a common color space used for color management in printing workflow. ICC profiles are often to compensate for color differences between devices like scanners, digital cameras, computer monitors, ink systems printers, and/or printing presses.
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Our calibration print is a special 8×10 print you can order which allows you to adjust your monitor to try to match the print. Once you have done this and start working on your images on your computer you will be working on an image which is more closely aligned to industry color standards. Read more

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This could stem from a number of factors but the first thing to check is your white balance/white points. Another thing that might result in color shifting is submitting your images for print in CMYK mode instead of RGB mode. Find out more about accuracy in print color

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