Your print cost is dependent upon a few factors: size, media type, number of copies and style where applicable. Pricing is updated as you go through the ordering process. You can also visit the product links in the main menu for specific pricing of both set sizes. For some products you can calculate custom size pricing.

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A real-time preview will be visible as you go through the print setup process.

In addition, a time stamped preview of how your image will be printed will show up in your shopping cart before you submit your order.

If this is not enough, please read our post about 3 ways to proof your work.

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It will be up to you to select a print size that compliments your image’s current aspect ratio. If your image file does not quite match those dimensions, it will be cropped to accommodate the print size selected. This can result in part of your image file being cropped. Be sure you pay attention to the real-time preview when you setup your print. If any part of it looks cropped, then you may need to choose a different size print or adjust your image file to fit accordingly.

We are unable to always properly assess if an image is suitable for printing due to varying standards and degrees of expectations a customer might have.

The production team does their best to check prints for obvious defects within the print itself (paper, ink smudges, scratches, etc). If there is a defect in the image or the image quality of the file itself is poor we will usually assume the artist or photographer is already aware of this, therefore we will print images without question.

Please note that some items such as Kodak prints or cards are produced by automated machinery that produce dozens of prints a minute so while we may not be able to catch obvious defects or questionable prints these are still guaranteed with our quality assurance guarantee.


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Most prints are ready to ship within 1-3 working days. If your order exceeds 100 prints, production time may be as many as 4 working days, but feel free to contact us if you have concerns about the time frame.

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Test prints, or proofs, are not standard unless you are placing an offline order in which we are producing a large run (1000 copies or more), but if color matching is a concern, we highly recommend working on a color managed system or investigating in a calibration print prior to ordering.

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Yes. Volume pricing is also available when ordering multiple copies of a particular print in the same order. In many instances ordering just two copies of a print results in substantial price breaks. The more you order, the lower your cost per print.
To calculate actual price per print when ordering more than one, simply enter the number of copies you want and the new price per print will be displayed on the main product page which can be found in the main menu.
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The first step is to digitize your artwork or photography. Then it is as easy as uploading your image to our website, choosing a size and additional preferences and completing checkout. Read more


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We generally print 8×8 or larger however in some cases, you can select custom size options that are smaller. If a small size is not available to you a couple of solutions can be applied to get around this. One option is to tile multiple small prints onto one large sheet. Another option is to create a margin around your image which will increase it’s print size to equal 8 inches. You would then remove the excess margin upon receiving your prints.
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If you have not completed checkout, you certianly can. When viewing items in your shopping cart, look for the options to the right of your small print/product preview to Modify, Remove, or Copy individual items. Once an order is submitted however, we are unable to make changes to images, or other products. If a mistake is made, please contact us immediately so that we can cancel the order for you, and you can, in-turn, reorder correctly.

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There is no minimum order required.

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Add as many prints to your order as you would like. You can increase quantities within your shopping cart once a print has been added.

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Adding a border to your print will increase the overall sheet size. It will not cause the print area to be smaller.

Please allow for a processing time of 1-3 business days before picking up your order. You will receive a notification via email when your order is ready for pickup.

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Knowing a suitable print size from your digital image files may be challenging if you are not familiar with using programs such as Photoshop or other image editing tools. We recommend a resolution between 72 dpi to 300 dpi at the print size you want.

To make things easy visit the Convert Pixels to Inches post.

Problems Uploading Files?

Typically any problems using the upload tool are associated to the web browser being used. In most cases if you do not see any sort of upload tool, it is because either Flash is not running in your browser and HTML 5 is not supported. This is usually fixed by updating your web browser.

If you do see an uploading interface but nothing happens when clicking the “add files” or “upload” button, this is also usually fixed by updating your web browser. Here are things to try first:

  • Close then reopen your web browser
  • Try rebooting/restarting your computer
  • Install or try a different web browser than what you are using

Updating Your Web Browser

The first step is to make sure you are using the latest version of the browser you use. These are going to be Chrome, FireFox, Safari or Internet Explorer. Doing a google search will get you to the websites where these browsers are offered. They will always have the latest version available for free download and installation.

If that does not work, try installing and using one of the others mentioned above. FinerWorks recommends the following in order: Chrome, FireFox and Internet Explorer. If you are on a MAC Safari might be a good choice to try as well.

File Does Not Progress

Another problem which can occur is the file fails to start or complete the upload process as indicated by a progress bar. This is probably not a problem with your web browser itself but is more associated with a disruption in the Internet connection.

If none of this seems to work, please feel free to contact us and let us know. Please provide the type of web browser you are using as well as specific details of the problem.

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Size availability is related to the style of print being ordered. It is best to review our pricing page to see what options are available. All of our media (canvas and paper) comes in 44 inch rolls, so we are limited to being able to fit the image with any added borders on a roll that size. Visit our pricing page for specific size availability.

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Softproofing relies on having a consistent white level on the surface of the media the image is being printed to. Since the wood is not white and the hue of the wood can vary slightly dependent upon the age of the veneer, there is no way to profile a wood print.

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Shipping Prints Flat

Mounted prints are packaged in oversized corrugated boxes for added protection. Small to mid size paper prints on fine art papers are usually shipped flat if they can safely fit within a 24×30 inch or smaller area touching the sides of the package. Some exceptions may occur with International orders or if the order also contains prints which normally would be rolled.

Shipping Prints Rolled

Unmounted canvas, regular photo stock prints and and posters will be shipped rolled. Fine art paper prints that are too large to ship flat to be shipped flat (see above) will be shipped in a sturdy corrugated shipping tube.

Shipping non-prints

Other products such as gifts and keepsakes, stationary, etc, will be shipped in various types of packaging.

Drop Shipped Print Orders (Example)

Check out an illustration of a drop shipped canvas here, or a drop shipped paper print here. We package all prints carefully protecting them with corrugated sheets, plastic or foam sleeves and craft paper. Prints which are 20×30 or larger will be shipped rolled in a tube unless it is mounted. Otherwise all prints are shipped flat. Digital prints and products shipped from our Atlanta Pro Lab, will arrive via UPS, the US Postal Service, or Fedex. We have a separate shipping rate schedule for prints shipping from the Atlanta lab.. Prints are shipped either flat or rolled, dependent upon shipping method selected, destination and items being ordered.

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You can see what shipping options and costs are available to you when you have items in your shopping cart.

Please note that some shipping options may not be available where print sizes exceed the measurements the packaging can hold. In cases of oversized packages (usually when they contains multiple mounted canvas prints measuring 30×40 or larger), additional shipping charges may be required. The customer will be notified in advance prior to processing the order.

View shipping rates and learn more about shipping rates for digital prints and products here.


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Production usually takes an average of 1-3 business days (some very large orders may take longer.) Shipping transit time is based on the shipping option you chose and is separate from production times. To see transit time information, view our shipping page and look up the various shipping options.

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Unfortunately, we do not rush items through production. Orders are processed as they are received.

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Please contact customer service via email or phone to discuss what can be done to receive your prints.

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Yes. When checking out, you would enter your friend or family’s address information as the “Ship To” destination. You can also request drop shipping on the final review page. With the dropship option selected, a generic packing slip is included which does not reflect price. In addition, we will print your billing address on the return address label and not include any mention of FinerWorks.

Your images should be in RGB mode. Images in CMYK color mode are more likely to experience noticeable color shifts which may result in a muted or washed out looking print.

The best method for getting accurate prints is something called soft proofing. Soft proofing involves using a calibrated monitor and viewing your image with the color profiles assigned to them. For those who are unable to invest their time and funds on a professional calibration system, we recommend one of our calibration prints instead. Read more

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Aside from providing ICC profiles, we also offer calibration prints.



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Our ICC profiles can be found here.

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We have a comprehensive video tutorial on how to successfully soft proof.

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Our calibration print is a special 8×10 print you can order which allows you to adjust your monitor to try to match the print. Once you have done this and start working on your images on your computer you will be working on an image which is more closely aligned to industry color standards. Read more

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Preferred digital file formats include JPG, PNG, BMP and TIFF.  240MB is the max file size accepted (depending on site traffic).

Please contact us within 30 days of placing your order if you are unhappy with your print. Our first goal will be to help you get a satisfactory replacement. If that is not an option, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

View our returns page for more information regarding refunds and/or returns.

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When you create your prints for sale, it will be up to you to determine what size will be offered. Consider your subject matter, style and technique as one of the determining factors for your print size. Read more

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We do offer COAs as an option at checkout. You will see an option to order a COA once you add a print to your shopping cart

Yes, you can. When creating your print, make sure you include a border on your print. Matting options will be found below sizing.

Please see our turnaround time page for time frame details.

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You can login to the order status page or go to your order history (if you have an account). Toward the bottom of the copy of the order, we will post your tracking number shortly after your order has shipped.

Whenever we ship an order we will send an e-mail notice to the e-mail address you provided in your billing information. This email will include a link where you can access a copy of this order as well as tracking information when made available. Note that orders shipped from our partner lab may not always have tracking information available.

Print’s being lost or damaged during shipping is rare however it does happen on occasion (less than 1% of orders are ever reported to us) and we will do everything possible to provide a replacement as soon as possible. For more information please visit our returns and replacement page.

If you have a history of placing a substantial number of orders on a weekly basis at regular intervals, we would love to discuss with you the various discount programs we can offer based upon the options you plan to order. We will gauge this on size, style and volume of prints.

While we do offer a 30 day money back or replacement guarantee in most instances, customers who use us to fulfill their orders are responsible for any third party refunds or returns.  Please visit our returns page for more details.

No. VAT (Value Added Tax) is something not currently applicable in the United States where FinerWorks is located. If you are not based in the U.S. and are subject to paying VAT, then this would be your responsibility outside of your purchase from FinerWorks. If you have additional questions about VAT, we recommend to consult with a tax specialist.

We only charge sales tax if your billing or shipping address is in the state of Texas. If you are outside the state of Texas but you have a customer in Texas, you will be charged sales tax unless you are registered with FinerWorks as “Tax Exempt”. Contact us for instructions on making sure your account is tax exempt for orders being shipped to Texas.

  1. The account holder will need to enter their business information within their account so that we can later make it tax exempt.
  2. Provide a valid Texas Sales Tax ID (apply here) or any other valid U.S. state sales tax ID.
  3. E-mail us a completed and signed copy of the Texas Sales and Use Tax Resale Certificate / Exemption Certification.   If your Tax ID number is outside of the state of Texas, enter it in the second tax ID field below the one for the Texas field.

Please note the following: We cannot refund sales tax charges for previously placed orders. Also, we cannot accept tax exempt forms from other states since they may not be recognized by the state of Texas.

Store credits are issued in situations such as price adjustments, or late returns (after 30 days). These credits do not expire so if you are unable to redeem your credit right away, it will be ready when you are. Unfortunately we do not offer refunds for credit vouchers, nor do we exchange them for any monetary value.

We require returns to be processed within 30 days of the delivery date to receive a full refund or credit with FinerWorks. Credits with FinerWorks are non-refundable and do not expire.

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