Posting and Selling Prints

Currently, we do not offer custom URLs.

When someone buys one of your printed products, the order is automatically forwarded to FinerWorks for fulfillment and shipped to the buyer. Within 30 days, once the order ships, details of the order (including the buyer) will be available to you.

We will not notify sellers when a sale is made. FinerWorks is not involved in your sales and has no knowledge of transactions relating to gallery sales. Read more

We do offer COAs as an option at checkout. You will see an option to order a COA once you add a print to your shopping cart

This can be done using your gallery’s URL. The link will look something like this


Make sure you replace “my_username” with your actual name.

Note: If you used to use FinerWorks old gallery, your FinerWorks gallery url now automatically redirects people to your Geo Galleries link.

Virtual Inventory gives you the ability to store “virtual” prints. Create and store as many prints as you wish, and when you are ready for us to print one, its only a matter of checking out.  Read more…

Only lower resolution web versions of the images are shown. These contain a watermark which provides some protection. If you are too worried that people will copy your web viewable images, we recommend not participating in the gallery experience.

Aside from having artistic value, the image must be a suitable print quality/resolution. It must also be properly titled,  include a well written description, and be submitted to the appropriate category and assigned to a collection.

No. Buyers can only purchase printed works.

If you plan on using Finerworks to fulfill your order, you should check the shipping page for shipping rates to determine the shipping cost and then charge accordingly. Also consider reviewing our blog post titled What to Charge Your Customers for Shipping.

When someone completes the purchase of one of your offered prints, PayPal will send you a notification of the order details as well as your customer information. It is your responsibility to fulfill this order in a timely fashion by either having us fulfill the order or you ship it out yourself.

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