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Geo Galleries sets the retail price at 3x’s the cost as of July 2022. To see the retail price as your customers would; you must be logged out of your FinerWorks account.

When someone buys one of your printed products, the order is automatically forwarded to FinerWorks for fulfillment and shipped to the buyer. Within 30 days, once the order ships, details of the order (including the buyer) will be available to you.

This can be done using your gallery’s URL. The link will look something like this


Make sure you replace “my_username” with your actual name.

Note: If you used to use FinerWorks old gallery, your FinerWorks gallery url now automatically redirects people to your Geo Galleries link.

Virtual Inventory gives you the ability to store “virtual” prints. Create and store as many prints as you wish, and when you are ready for us to print one, its only a matter of checking out.  Read more…

Only lower resolution web versions of the images are shown. These contain a watermark which provides some protection. If you are too worried that people will copy your web viewable images, we recommend not participating in the gallery experience.

Existing FinerWorks members are given an exclusive invitation to join at no charge. In the future there will be optional priced services relating to promotion and fulfillment that artist can take advantage of.

Aside from having artistic value, the image must be a suitable print quality/resolution. It must also be properly titled,  include a well written description, and be submitted to the appropriate category and assigned to a collection.

No. Buyers can only purchase printed works.

Reporting of your sales is done through the Geo Galleries reporting interface. Sales are shown after an order is shipped.

The artist will receive the difference of the retail price they set and the seller fee.

An artist may also get 10% in shared revenue on the sale of any frames, matting or glazing when ordered as part of the finished item.

Geo Galleries retains a seller fee that is based on the sale of any print. This seller fee equals what the artist would pay for any unframed printed item, plus a 10% administrative fee which is based on the cost of the unframed print or product.

For example,

For example, if an artist sets their canvas print to be priced at $200 but the cost for them to order it at Finerworks is $50, Geo Galleries would receive $50 for the print and $20 as an admin fee. The artist would receive the remaining $130.

You must have a PayPal account. Your earnings will be paid out on a monthly basis for any sales 30 days or older.

We plan to integrate a new system that will allow payment direct to your financial institution which will allow weekly payments as the platform grows. When this will happen is not set but would be announced in the newsletter.

Geo Galleries will offer a set of default print products, however if you have a set of 3 or more print products in your virtual inventory for an image, then this will be used in place of the default products.

Geo Galleries will reserve the right to adjust based upon the advice of FinerWorks when it comes to optimizing the file for printing. This will be limited to any necessary sizing and cropping adjustments or color correction as FinerWorks deems is necessary. Artists recommended adjustments may be considered however are not guaranteed.

No. You retain full ownership of your images and you may remove them at any time.

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