Acrylic Prints

The following arrive ready to hang:

  • framed prints
  • stretched & mounted canvas
  • wood prints
  • acrylic prints
  • metal prints (with the exception of some styles),
  • wall art standouts

Some other types of prints may have styles that also allow for them to be ready to hang.

No. We have found non facemounted acrylics to be subpar in image quality therefore we have moved to the more popular face mounted acrylic print option which is able to take advantage of both the superior color gamut and resolution that modern inkjet offers on high quality photo papers as well as the protective face of an acrylic front which gives acrylic prints an extra dimension in contrast and vividness

Category: Acrylic Prints

Yes, we can for quantities of 5 or more of the exact same time. Contact us direct since our website does not allow for ordering all custom sizes in acrylic prints.

Category: Acrylic Prints

The method used to create the acrylic prints we offer will provide little risk in fading unless exposed to direct sunlight over a length of time. Since acrylic is a type of polycarbonate, very hot conditions such as a hot car exposed to sunlight can potentially cause it to warp. It is best to keep it indoors in comfortable living conditions exist to prevent this from happening. Also a good measure to help reinforce the acrylic print is the optional die bond backing.

Category: Acrylic Prints

Some people may be surprised to see that acrylic prints look incredibly sharp when printing a high resolution, sharp and crisp image file. That is because the acrylic prints we offer are face mounted prints in which the image is printed on our satin luster paper or metallic paper. It is then face mounted to the back of the acrylic. The printers used for these papers are high resolution Canaon inkjet photo printers which is why these have the potential to look so sharp.

Category: Acrylic Prints
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