Calibrate your monitor

Monitor Calibration is essential for print color matching. This is to say that in order to ensure accurate representation of the colors on your screen as to how it pertains to print, your monitor must display colors correctly.

Most monitors out of the box do not display color correctly. They may look good on screen to you but the truth is that the tones may be off and in more cases than not, too bright.

In order to calibrate you monitor you will need to consider either a software program or a hardware device specifically made for color calibration. I

n the realm of software earlier version of Adobe Photoshop used to ship with Adobe Gamma which was a windows based utility that let you do basic color calibration. This program provides decent monitor calibration but it is prone to human error. Another software option may be seen with your video card. Some video cards have their own calibration software which is a little more advanced then Adobe Gamma but even still relies on human judgment. The problem with both methods is that it relies on comparisons of colors and tones that are displayed and you are suppose to manipulate the settings to either match or display tones you think are correct.. This leaves a lot of gray areas (no pun intended) since one under certain ambient conditions you might think one settings looks best while another day another setting might look best. This could cause problems when certain tones are within or rely on those “look best” areas.

The hardware method is much better. This usually is in the form of a device that hangs down over your screen and measures the colors on the screen then makes the necessary adjustments for you. These devices range from around a hundred dollars to several thousands of dollars but if you are serious about accurate color representation on your screen, it is a good investment.

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