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With Valentine's Day right  a little less than 4 weeks away now is the time to come up with something unique. One way to do this is via a typography print. A few days ago I wrote about seeing canvas prints in retail locations. This includes both high end home decor stores like Z Gallerie  to even more mainstream chains you might be familiar with which carry cheap canvas prints made in China. While the designs I have seen in both types of places were very diverse, I myself would never buy one. Instead I would design one myself then go to a place like FinerWorks to take care of the printing and production. 
One of my favorite styles has come to be known as a subway sign art. Subway sign art has even become a popular subject matter submitted to us for printing by our customers. Most are by individuals simply doing this for themselves or as comissioned work but we do have a few members who have even launched successful businesses with these as part of their product line. Even our own designers at EZCanvas.com who create customized, personalized canvas prints churn out a good number of these each week for customers who want one created which may represent something or someone meaningful to them or their family.
If you have not heard of subway sign art, this may be described as a series of words or phrases which have words which are related to a particular place or perhaps an event.  One of my favorites was simply about Pizza. It listed a bunch of toppings, cheeses and other ingredients but hidden within it was actual directions on how to make a pizza at home. There is nothing complicated about this and it can be fun for a family to come up with different text or phrases you want. Also if do a google search on subway sign art you will find tons of great examples.
So if you are looking for something to create for a loved one on Valentines Day, consider creating subway sign art. Be creative and have fun with it. To get an idea on how to design one and get it ready for printing on canvas, one of our designers put this brief video together. 

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