New Basic Account Option

An area I think we sort of overlooked was the ability for artists to setup some sort of basic account. With all the fuss and work toward getting Yakmonkey* introduced and in beta we sort of forgot about those who wanted to simply have a way to store images for so they can re-order the same image without having to upload the file each time. They may just be hobbiest and not be serious about selling their work but they do re-order the same image on occasion. There are also always professional artists who will want to register at FinerWorks and simply use us as a fulfillment service but who may not be interested in taking advantage of the new Yakmonkey Sellers account.

Since we want to accommodate as many people as possible I had our accounts manager setup a comprehensive yet basic account. You don’t get to categorize images in galleries or sell at Yakmonkey but you do get to store some images, post your business logo for automatic drop shipping, include your business info and quick checkout information. The basic account also will let you keep track of your order history. Considering that it is free, I think this will be the ideal option for any artist or photographer just using us to fulfill orders they send us direct.

If you happened to be one of the many artists or photographers who transferred your old FinerWorks account but you only want this basic account, let us know.

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