Do you provide tracking information when an order is shipped?

Below is a quick guide to determine if tracking is going to be available. In most cases it is yes

  • Economy (Yes) *
  • Standard (Yes)
  • Express (Yes)
  • International(Yes**)

When your order is shipped we will send you an e-mail informing you that it is on it’s way. There will also be a link to view your order status and get the tracking number for your order. The majority of the time you can click the tracking number itself to see where it is at and estimated date of arrival.

*Our Atlanta photo lab in some cases will use the most inexpensive shipping method to keep rates down for small orders like photo prints. which are using Economy shipping. Because of that tracking services may not always be available for very small orders that weight less than 13oz.

**International orders rely on the destination country and shipping method. In many cases for small orders tracking might end once it reaches it's last stop before leaving the U.S.

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