Can I paint over my fine art paper prints?

We do not recommend this. We cannot guarantee any paper print that has been embellished or has had paint applied to it. Unlike canvas, many of the papers will wilt and warp like most papers when saturated with any sort of liquid base. While some customers have reported success with both acrylic and oil paints when embellishing their fine art paper prints others have reported negative results. If you think you want to try doing this you should consider ordering smaller prints to test and practice the technique that works best for you before attempting with a larger print. Most artists that attempt this will pre-coat their print with either a spray fixative or spray lacquer based coating to seal the print first.

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2 Replies to “Can I paint over my fine art paper prints?”

    1. Yes you can. You will want to test on a small unmounted print first. Most people do not run into any issues however you will want to make sure your painting style does not damage the print (pallet knife vs soft brush).

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