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If you have spent much time shopping for a ready-made frame for either a print or work of art then you might have run into problems with locating the right size. One of the things I tell people when they are ordering their prints from us is to consider how they plan on displaying the artwork. With a canvas print it is not as much of a problem to select a custom size when ordering their print since we have options such as having the image wrap around the sides or the ability to choose why color you want the sides of the stretched and mounted canvas but if you plan on framing the print and do not have the budget to have a custom frame made then choose a print size in which it will be easy to find a frame.

The following are a list of popular frame sizes pre-assemebled and found at most art supply stores. These are usually easy to find without having to have the frame custom made therefore saving you money.

8" × 10" 203 mm × 254 mm
9" × 12" 229 mm × 305 mm
11" ×14"  279 mm × 356 mm
12" × 16" 305 mm × 406 mm
14" × 18" 365 mm × 457 mm
16" × 20" 406 mm × 508 mm
18" × 24" 457 mm × 610 mm
20" × 24" 508 mm × 610 mm
24" × 30" 610 mm × 762 mm
24" × 36" 610 mm × 914 mm

Several last bits of information I want to menton is if you are framing a stretched and mounted canvas, make sure you also look at the depth of the frame. If you choose a frame that is too shallow in the inset region you might find the frame extends away from the wall. If you are framing a print with matting then you will need to consider the overal matte dimensions and not the size of the artwork itself 

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