Rolled Prints Shipping Available

Over the Christmas holidays many of our faithful customers were pleasantly surprised to find out that we now ship all small to mid sized paper prints flat since those have the most trouble flattening out when coming off the printer. Kodak prints are the exception. Pretty much all mid size and above prints are shipped rolled. These prints do seem to flatten out easily in a short period of time. With that said, there were a few that took exception to this new practice at FinerWorks. The concern is that by shipping the prints flat the print was more likely to be damaged in transit versus rolled in a sturdy shipping tube.  I am happy to say that even though this does happen a little more often than before, it is still less than 1% of orders shipped. Obviously if you are within that 1% you might not be real happy to find you received a print which has been damaged in the mail and then have to deal with the wait time of a replacement print.

The good news is those customers or any customer that may not want their prints flat, we can still ship them in a tube. To request they be rolled in a tube rather than flat, just enter in the order’s shipping comments that you wish the print(s) to be shipped rolled.

Just be aware that if the volume of prints exceeds too many to roll and fit in a tube (usually we don’t like to roll up more than 3 at a time) we will probably have to ship it flat anyway. Also note that very large prints we may need to ship rolled anyway. Fortunately the weight of the paper makes those flatten out quite easily within a day.

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