Testing other Canvas Printers

As some of you may be aware FinerWorks started off as a specialty printing company, printing only on Canvas. Soon after that we started offering various paper types. This meant even though we initially saw ourselves as a canvas printing service we were really more than that. Because printing canvases on demand has remained such an important part of our operations we have had to evolve in order to be both competitive with other canvas printing companies as well as some of the photo labs which might offer canvas printing. Several things have helped us continue to be on top for canvas prints and that is both experience and meeting what we believe is the latest standards. With that said, I always encourage people to try other canvas printing companies but let us know what they think of them. Maybe they are doing something we are not and should be doing, or maybe they are not. If they are doing something we should be I would want to know. Before you do, I ask you read this latest page we have on our site about what to look for in a canvas printing company. One thing is for sure, you will be amazed at how many companies would fail if this were a test.

>> Read “What to Look for in a Canvas Printing Company”

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