Behind the Scenes at FinerWorks

It’s always flattering when a customer visits our production facility and asks to see what we do in the back. Usually these are local customers which only make up a small percentage of our business but we have to kindly explain that we don’t normally provide access to our production area. Not that we have any super-duper trade secrets. Except for a few things, how we process and ship orders of prints on canvas and fine art papers is no grand surprise. But since we provides order fulfillment services for both individuals in the visual arts industry as well as a number of gallery websites we try keep a certain level of secrecy since some of these clients do not want it to get out that we do the printing for them. Out of respect for their wishes we keep the production area sealed off from the general public. But that does not mean we can’t give you a sneak peak behind the scenes and meet some of our staff. Continue on to see some quick snapshots I took of what we do at FinerWorks.

Meet a few of our printers. They don't say much but they spit out a lot.


Cutting prints is a big part of what some of our production staff does daily. Many of our prints are cut tediously by hand, unlike a standard photo print.


Stretcher bars for canvas are marked then cut to size from 10 foot lengths.


We stretch a lot of canvas each day. It's partially done by machine but does take some practice. Here one of our production staff is mounting a 30×20 photo canvas.


Meet Brian and Rupal a couple of our graphic designers. You will also see them working in production.


Brian is working on a graphic for our website.


Shipping printer woes. Even we get confused when a simple label printer won't work. Don't you hate that!


Orders, orders, orders…right off the printer.


More orders. These are getting ready to be paired up with their invoices or packaging slips.


A pallete of canvas prints getting ready to ship.


Meet Kerrie who works in production. She has a degree in print making so she can get away with telling Gloria our senior production staff member what to do. Notice the prints tend to curl. That's because they are recently fresh off the printer and have not had a chance to flatten out.


More canvas prints in the mounting phase.


Some custom packaging.


Meet Monica, one of "The Bosses". The second worse thing that can happen at FinerWorks is we make one of our customers unhappy, but the worse thing is Monica finding out that we made a customer unhappy. Actually, I don't think she ever get's angry.


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