Native American Art

I decided to have a little fun. I wrote recently about the idea of printing images from the Library of Congress and decided to try my hand at creating a digital painting of the photo we printed. I admit I am a little rusty when it comes to doing any sort of digital artwork. I tink it came out okay. If I can find the time,  I may peruse creating a series of paintings based on historical Native Americans. Who knows where it will go or if it actually gets off the ground. 

I have always enjoyed Western art, especially with an emphasis on Native Americans. On a personal level I don't have an ounce of Native American blood in my own family tree as far as I know but my wife does. Her father is of pure Mexican ancestry and her mother is actually from Mexico, but her mother's side is also believed to be descendants from a group of Kickapoo Indians which migrated into Mexico at some point. I am sure there are many other tribes mixed in on her father's side but we don't know who they were. 

Some day we plan on taking a drive down to the part of Mexico where her mother was born. Hopefully we will can earn more about her family tree in context of her Native American ancestry.

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