Interactive Video – Selling My Prints Inventory

Setting up prints to sell in your galleries is a free service that we offer. Because it is free we do not really provide any one on one support by phone. Only online or by e-mail. If you do call, you will politely be directed to a page such as this or our help page by one of our phone customer service reps. Fortunately the process is not as difficult as it might seem. Just understand that you will need an active PayPal account and any prints you sell will not automatically be sent to us to print. You will need to turn around and place an order with us if you want us to ship it to your buyer. The reason for this at this time is some of our artists and photographers do indeed keep a physical inventory of their prints and want to ship their prints to their customers themselves. Our goal is to in the future make this more turnkey but for now we have a new interactive video which shows how to setup your virtual prints inventory.

Click the full-screen icon when video starts for the interactive menu.

Canvas Prints

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