Where to Sign and Number Your Prints

Where should you sign your prints? Should it be in the margins or in the corner of the actual art? We have been asked this question on occasion and have always suggested doing so in the margins if a print has borders and on the art or back of the art if a borderless print.  I have discovered a lot of artists do one or the other so there really seems to be no standards on this. Perhaps we need to take a closer look at this, from the perspective of a framer or someone who is going to frame the print.

This same question was asked in a discussion board on a website I frequent which is also popular with many of our customers. Someone pointed out that they used to always signed and number their giclee prints in the white margin or borders of their print. They ordered a run of 100 prints on Epson Somerset Velvet (our Fine Art Paper) with a 1 inch border. Once the artist received his prints, he commenced to sign and number each one in the lower right margin space.

These prints were going in various hotels around the country and they all had to be framed a certain way. He had already ordered the frames and matting and was ready to put the prints together when he realized the signature and the print number were not visible due to the matting covering it up. I don’t know what he ultimately did but I guess it is possible he resigned and numbered them in the corner of the actual artwork. Regardless it was what could be called an educational or teachable moment for that artist.

My advice now is if you are going to sign your prints and looking for some advice, just take this lesson into consideration. If it is important the print number and signature be visible, placing it on the actual artwork in the right or left corner will probably be the best option. This may make it easier for the customer when they go to frame it.

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