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FinerWorks offers FREE order fulfillment in the form of white label (drop shipping) for artist and photographers who want prints shipped under their name or brand.

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This brief guide is meant to highlight those features we offer at FinerWorks for artists and photographers who use us as their order fulfillment service. At FinerWorks, we believe providing reliable order fulfillment must be simple. In addition, we want artists and photographers to be confident their customers will receive the prints exactly as intended. There is no application process and it and does not take any special knowledge or technical expertise. If you know how to access photos or image files off your computer and use the Internet, your basic requirements have been met. If you have used FinerWorks before for online ordering, this guide will help you make sure you have not overlooked some of the tools we offer.

What is Drop Shipping?

One of the first things we did when we built our initial ordering system over a decade ago was provide an automatic drop shipping option. Drop shipping simply means you do not need to carry any inventory or worry about packaging and shipping. You commission the drop shipper (which would be FinerWorks) to send the order to your customers but branded under your name so it looks like you or your company shipped it.

Many big online companies rely on this method either solely or to let them ship products which they normally would not be able to inventory. Amazon.com uses this method for some of the items sold and at the individual level Ebay and Esty sellers use this method all the time.

How it Works

At checkout in the area where you select your “Shipping Method” will be a check box you can click to indicate you want it drop shipped. If you provide a valid address in your account’s business profile, we will automatically check this for you. The order is then shipped and made to look like you are the sender. No information about us will be included. Prices will also be removed from the packing slip.


Some Examples


Your print cost is dependent upon a few factors: size, media type, and mounting type (if applicable). Our size/price chart displays prices for each media type offered. Click the type of product in the main menu you want to price.
Category: Pricing
Yes. Volume pricing is also available when ordering multiple copies of a particular print in the same order. In many instances, ordering just two copies of a print results in substantial price breaks. The more you order, the lower your cost per print.
To calculate actual price per print when ordering more than one, enter the number of copies you want and the new price per print will be displayed in the on the main product page which can be found in the main menu.
Category: Pricing

We do not have a wholesale price list but we do review discount options for those totaling as much as $500 or more in orders weekly. If you foresee a need for large quantities of prints on a regular basis, you may qualify for a lab account. We require an established order history before upgrading any account to a lab account. If you have an established ordering history with us and believe you may qualify for a lab account, please contact us.

Category: Pricing

No. You will not pay more to use our order fulfillment services. Just order as usual, and don’t forget to mark your order “Drop ship” at the end of your order.

No. All sizes are in whole inches, with the smallest we offer being 8×8 inches. Custom size print prices can be calculated on our pricing charts. We list our most popular sizes however, you can enter custom sizes as well if the size you are looking for is not displayed.

Category: Pricing

To price frames only, just visit our Frame Moulding Style page. Find the moulding you’d like to price, setup the frame size you want to get pricing.

Categories: Frame, Pricing

Frame prices do not include any matting or acrylic glazing. To view prices on matting, visit our Picture Frame Matting page.

Categories: Matting, Pricing

We have built in volume discounts that are applied when you order multiple copies of a frame. Add more than one to your shopping cart and the per item price will update to the discounted price.

Categories: Frame, Pricing

We have built in volume discounts that are applied when you order multiple copies of a mat. Add more than one to your shopping cart and the per item price will update to the discounted price.

Categories: Matting, Pricing

We only charge sales tax if your billing or shipping address is in the state of Texas. If you are outside the state of Texas but you have a customer in Texas, you will be charged sales tax unless you are registered with FinerWorks as “Tax Exempt”. Contact us for instructions on making sure your account is tax exempt for orders being shipped to Texas.

Store credits are issued in situations such as price adjustments, or late returns (after 30 days). These credits do not expire so if you are unable to redeem your credit right away, it will be ready when you are. Unfortunately we do not offer refunds for credit vouchers, nor do we exchange them for any monetary value.

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