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Artists and photographers first began using FinerWorks in 1999 however we official coined our company name as FinerWorks in 2003. We began with making prints exclusively on canvas but soon added fine art papers. Our web technology is setup so people at all levels can order fine art prints of their work on the same sort of papers and canvas placed in galleries, hotels and homes of collectors. Many of our customers are actually showing their work in venues like these or even having them custom made on for their own clients.

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For canvas brands by leading manufacturers for the decor and fine art industry. All canvas is a primed canvas specially coated to receive the inks used by our printers. The canvas has an oxford weave giving it a natural canvas texture as favored by professional photographers. The papers also have their own priming or are also treated to accept the inks we print with. Visit our canvas and fine art papers pages for more information about brands and their specs.

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The printers of choice at this time are the Epson with the Ultra Chrome ink set and Canon with their LUCIA EX pigment ink set. Over the years our parent company FinerWorks Media has worked with various printer manufacturers and have found these two brands to be the ideal choice for printing artwork or photography.
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Yes, we run regular re-calibration cycles our monitors and run regular cleaning or calibration cycles on our printers. This is to ensure consistent results with every print job. All are calibrated based on standards set by the International Color Consortium (www.color.org).

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