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Our new line of metal prints is here, and they rock! Now metal is available in 4 different metal surface finishes and multiple ready to display styles. Use our online ordering tool to create custom sizes as small as 8×8 up to 30×40. The “panel only” option can even be ordered with a frame! Metal prints are one of the most remarkable and easiest ways to display your work. And it is not just for photographers anymore. Every day see artists now offering their illustrations and reproductions as metal prints as well.

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So, you may know that we have been offering metal prints for a while now. But last year we saw we needed to make some major changes as part of our efforts to become one of the premier locations to go to for metal prints.

Centralized Production

First, we recognized (and not just with metal) that we needed to move our metal print production to us headquarter facility so that we improve average transit time, speed up production and have better quality control. This was made possible when late last year we expanded our facility to allow us to move the production to from the East coast to San Antonio. Early this month we also we finalized the installation of the equipment need to make the manufacturing possible and the volume and size requirements needed.  Most important is by being at our headquarter production facility allowed our Auxiliary Operations Manager to personally oversee the training of staff and production process for these metal prints meaning greater consistency levels.

More Surface Finishes

Second, many of our customers wanted more surface finish options so they could match metal prints they had produced elsewhere. When we studied this closer we found most other color labs have been limited to offering a white gloss like we used to do but some color labs were using other finishes. Some were using a silver gloss. Others using a white matte and others offering a silver matte. A few even offered semi-gloss versions in both the white and silver. As you can imagine, this has the potential to cause some problems if you try to order from a different lab that does not have your preferred finish, We decided based on the choices people were used to we needed to offer all the finishes.

Custom Sizes

Third, custom sizes. One of the most frustrating things for artists and fine art photographers is the lack of size options so many labs have. A few out there do a good job of offering a wide range of sizes but fewer do custom sizes. I saw this as a big problem. One of the reasons our fine art paper prints and canvas prints are so popular is we have the capability and offer custom sizes. For artists and fine art photographers which many times rely like to compose their images in uncommon aspect ratios, the custom size option is an incredible help for them, so they can minimize cropping. For photographers it also allows for popular things like panoramic on metal and square sizes. Not you can easily create a cluster of metal prints for a wall or even split a very large image across multiple metal prints.

We are extremely excited about out new line of metal prints and the options we have for them. If you want to learn more about our metal prints, checkout our metal prints page.

Metal Prints FAQs

Metal Prints

The following arrive ready to hang:

  • framed prints
  • stretched & mounted canvas
  • wood prints
  • acrylic prints
  • metal prints (with the exception of some styles),
  • wall art standouts

Some other types of prints may have styles that also allow for them to be ready to hang.

No. Instead a process called dye sublimation is used. This turns the inks to a gaseous state that is able to bond to specially treated items like the aluminum panels.

Category: Metal Prints

No. Prepare your file just like you would for any of our prints. We do recommend your file be at least 150 to 300 pixels per inch (ppi) for optimal results.

Category: Metal Prints

Use any non-abrasive cloth or paper towel along with a non-ammonia based cleaner or water for best results.

Category: Metal Prints

The coating on the metal is like an enamel in which the image fuses. This is quite durable therefore the image itself is not too likely to become scratched unless a hard or sharp object comes in contact with it. It still is wise to treat it with general care.

Category: Metal Prints

Yes. You can order from a wide range of frame styles however in order to do this, you will need to order the “panel only” style to open the frame options. This will allow you to choose the frame you want.

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